We Offer the Following Services

Social Skills Playgroups


Our playgroup classes are afterschool sessions based on the “I Learn Through Play!” program. Playgroups are geared towards improving social skills by teaching children:

  • How to understand the perspectives of others in a group
  • Help children identify what they have in common with others
  • Improve conversational skills
  • Improve negotiating skills during group play
  • When: Monday-Saturday

Time: Call for current schedule

Class size: The teacher ratio size is 8:1:2, 1:1 instruction can be provided

Tuition: Call for current rates


Ages: 8-13 years-old

Hang Out is a program designed for children ages 8-13 years old. This is a travel social skills group. The group meets on-site one session to practice “friendship skills.” The following week they will meet off -site to generalize their social skills in real life situations. Some examples of off-site excursions have been at miniature golf, laser tag, restaurants, bowling, etc.  Students in this group are working on the following areas:

  • Perspective taking skills
  • Understanding non-verbal/facial expressions
  • Flexibility
  • Coping skills
  • Executive Functioning Skills
  • Problem solving
  • Maintaining and sustaining group conversations

Time: Call for current schedule

Class Size: The teacher ratio size is 8:1:2, 1:1 instruction can be provided

Tuition: Call for current rates

2024 Summer Program (Coming Soon !)


The Ready, Set, Play! summer program is designed to allow all children the opportunity to enjoy a traditional summer program experience. We incorporate sports, trips, cooking, art, special visitors, and other summer based activities all constructed around specific themes centered on their academic skills.

Time: Full Day Only

Class size: 1:1 instruction, 2:1 instruction, 3:1 instruction

Special Education Itinerant Teacher (SEIT)/Private Sessions
All Ready, Set, Play! SEIT’s are experienced educators teachers trained in the I LEARN THROUGH PLAY! curriculum. SEIT/private services can be utilized at school, home, or both environments. Families have chosen to use private Ready, Set, Play! educators for the following reasons:

  • To keep the quality of services high (specializing in the social/emotional domain)
  • Bridge the gap of services-waiting for EI or CPSE services to be approved
  • Dissatisfied with the quality of current services received from other organizations
  • Supplement services in addition to receiving early intervention, CPSE and CSE services
  • Confidentiality concerns with the educational system
  • Have the services supervised by an experienced educator, who specializes in social skills home/school programs and has extensive experience advocating for services for children
  • The availability of an expert witness with extensive experience testifying before DOE impartial hearings
Families /Schools often contact Ready, Set, Play! to consult and help identify what services a child is eligible for when a child is having difficulty learning in a preschool/school setting. Consultations often consist of a school observation, home or office visit. Once the observation has been completed, recommendations and resources are provided to families or schools about how to move forward in getting support or a formal evaluation for the child.
My son began working with Shirley when he was just shy of three years old and I had many grave concerns about his prospects. Every day since, our family feels extremely blessed and grateful for Shirley’s teaching and guidance. Shirley is the best at what she does and the gold standard of what an amazing therapist should be, both professionally and personally. The tremendous socio-emotional growth and maturity our son has accomplished under Shirley’s care is simply amazing! Shirley is constantly monitoring my child’s development, developing creative ways to push his ski.ls forward to the next level, anticipating new goals and milestones, and always communicating with us and our son’s team to provide improtant feedback and ensure consistency. With Shirley as my son’s biggest advocate and cheerleader, he has blossomed from a timid preschooler who was uninterested in peers into a self-assured and well-adjusted second grader who has meaningful relationships with friends and is thriving in the mainstream school he adores.


Now that the semester has come to a close at READY, SET, PLAY!, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the amazing experience that our son Joseph had while attending your program. From the time that Joseph started with you early in the year, up until now, we have seen tremendous progress. Through your guidance and curriculum at READY, SET, PLAY! Joseph’s cognitive, social and communication skills have improved dramatically. We firmly believe that because of READY, SET, PLAY! Joseph received the foundation of skills that have successfully prepped him for camp this summer and pre-k this fall. Most importantly, Joseph made some wonderful friends through the program and truly looked forward to attending every Saturday. He was learning while having fun…what a great combination! THank you again for having such a wonderful influence on our son.
Karin & Joe T.


My son started attending RSP at the age of 3, and within weeks we could see a difference in how he approached friends. His ability to understand the social consequences of his actions skyrocketed, and soon he was having sustained play dates in a way he had not been able to previously. Shirley also trained us, with her copious weekly feedback, in how to implement and sustain these changes at home. Her program changed our son’s life. We could not be more grateful.


Ready, Set, Play! has become my five-year-old son’s favorite weekend playdate. The instructors are well-trained and gifted at working with kids who need extra language and socialization support. The kids are well-matched to maximize their strengths and have fun in a structured setting, and parents find time to bond over brunch in the neighborhood. A great weekend activity.