As an experienced educator, my students and I have been welcomed to participate in various amazing mainstream programs in New York City. However, it was apparent to me that having additional supports for my students in their placements was not enough to help them make continuous progress in the social/emotional domain that I would like.  As a result, my comprehensive experience with children with various learning styles has lead me to develop an effective social skills curriculum for children called, I-LEARN-THROUGH-PLAY!™

There have been many support staff members that have helped Ready, Set, Play! reach its level of excellence in educating children in the area of social skills development. I’d like to take this moment to thank these individuals for helping us become the success we are.

Kevin Artale
Ellen Offen
Rhoda Perez
Roxanne Marie Perez
Lauren Blumenfeld
Jessica Mikel
Katie Vance
Tamara Hannson
Christine Sciascia
Jennifer Inwright
Judy De La Cruz
Christina Pinto
Emmaline Nelson
Samantha (Forrest Hills)
Sabrina Morrisey
Jack Dweck
Sean Dweck
Kenneth Williams
Sairalyn Ansano
Brian Sparber
Cely Aninias
Theresa Lund
the Staff at the Park Preschool
the Staff at the Barclay Street School
Graduate Interns from Queens College
Graduate Interns from NYU
Graduate Interns from Touro College
Graduate Interns from Fordham University

And most of all, to all of our past and present RSP! families